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Importing a Custom HTML Template on Mail Planet

Category: Templates

If you have a custom HTML template that you’d like to use for your email campaigns on Mail Planet, you can easily import it to create a unique and branded email design. Here’s a step-by-step guide to importing a custom HTML template:

  1. Prepare Your HTML Template: Before importing your custom HTML template, make sure it’s properly coded and structured. Ensure that it adheres to best practices for email design, including inline CSS, responsive layout, and compatibility with various email clients.
  2. Access the Template Library: Log in to your Mail Planet account and navigate to the email campaign editor. In the editor, click on “Templates” to access the Template Library.
  3. Choose “Import Custom HTML”: Within the Template Library, select the option to “Import Custom HTML” to begin the import process.
  4. Upload Your HTML File: Click on the “Upload” button to browse and select the HTML file from your computer that contains your custom template. Once selected, click “Open” or “Upload” to start the upload process.
  5. Customize Template Settings: After uploading the HTML file, you’ll be prompted to customize the template settings. Provide a name for the template, choose a category to organize it, and add any additional details or tags for easy retrieval later.
  6. Preview and Save: Once the template settings are configured, you’ll have the opportunity to preview your imported template. Check the preview to ensure that it appears as intended. If everything looks good, click “Save” to save the template to your Template Library.
  7. Customize Content: With your custom HTML template imported, you can now customize the content of your email campaign. Add text, images, links, and other elements to personalize the email’s message and tailor it to your audience.
  8. Test and Send: Before sending your email campaign, it’s crucial to thoroughly test it. Use Mail Planet’s preview and testing features to check how the email appears on different devices and email clients. Once you’re confident in the design and functionality, you can proceed to send your campaign to your desired recipients.

By importing a custom HTML template on Mail Planet, you can leverage your own design expertise or work with a professional designer to create visually appealing and unique email campaigns that align with your brand’s identity. This customization allows you to deliver engaging and impactful emails to your subscribers, enhancing your overall email marketing strategy.

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