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Soft vs. Hard Bounces

Category: Email Delivery

Understanding Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces in Mail Planet

In email marketing, understanding the difference between soft bounces and hard bounces is crucial for maintaining a healthy email list and optimizing deliverability. This article will provide insights into soft bounces and hard bounces, their causes, and best practices to handle them effectively within the Mail Planet platform.

Soft Bounces:
Learn about soft bounces, which are temporary delivery failures that occur when an email cannot be delivered to the recipient’s inbox at a given time. Discover common reasons for soft bounces, such as a full inbox, temporary server issues, or a message size exceeding the recipient’s email server limit. Understand how Mail Planet handles soft bounces and the recommended actions to address them.

Hard Bounces:
Explore hard bounces, which are permanent delivery failures indicating that an email cannot be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Discover common causes of hard bounces, including non-existent or invalid email addresses, domain or email server issues, or email address blocks. Learn how Mail Planet handles hard bounces and the best practices for managing them to maintain a clean and engaged email list.

Managing Bounces in Mail Planet:
Gain insights into Mail Planet’s bounce management system and the tools it provides to help you handle bounces effectively. Learn how Mail Planet tracks bounce rates, automatically updates subscriber statuses based on bounce types, and provides reports and analytics to help you monitor and improve your email deliverability.

Best Practices for Bounce Handling:
Discover best practices for handling bounces in Mail Planet to maintain a healthy email list and optimize deliverability. Learn about strategies such as regular list cleaning, using confirmed opt-in processes, implementing double opt-in, and monitoring bounce rates to identify and remove problematic email addresses proactively.

Subscriber Re-engagement and List Maintenance:
Understand the importance of re-engaging with inactive subscribers and implementing list maintenance strategies to reduce bounce rates. Learn how to segment and target inactive subscribers, send re-engagement campaigns, and remove unengaged contacts to improve email deliverability and engagement.

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